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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sex and the Water Engineer

I went through life ignorant of sex. For a long time actually I did not know where was the female organ. I threw myself on my partner and pushed... and nothing. Increasingly impatient, I demanded my partner to put my penis inside her. Normally they did not help me, touching a penis was not normally done. I suffered most with African girls, their black bush was hurting me, their kinky hair was like gilette blades cutting me.

A few times I tried to go down, but saw nothing in the dark and did nothing. My partners did not like spotlights. Their bush smelled of pee and fungal emanations, I suspected diseases and parasites, never understood what my friends found in it.

It was the internet that educated me about how a female looks like. The shaving fashion is a great help for men, the girls look clean and attractive.  It is a personal loss that for me it is too late.

The internet also solved for me some mysteries. For example, their crying. And squirting.

Ignorance is bad. Internet is good.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

No Drinking Water in the Province of Buenos Aires

I wasted six years in the university city of La Plata, the capital of the Province of Buenos Aires. From time to time, attacked by nostalgia, I read local papers. The water in the city is now undrinkable: if used to irrigate the plants, they dry and die; washing machines break down, and people with high blood pressure are feeling unwell. If a glass of tapwater is left overnight, a white sandy material will deposit in the bottom - it is salt. On the basis of this observation alone I estimate that the water must contain 2 to 3% salt (the Atlantic Ocean has 3%).

The pampa of central Argentina has very large deposits of salt (the Salinas Grandes) which were exploited to salt cattle hide (pic) and to produce salted meat for export. All that is colonial history: Argentina's hide and meat export industry is long dead; the clear rivers that fed Spanish settlements are now stinking sewage canals, and the over pumping of underground aquifers has led to their salinization.

Following the example of Flint, the High Court of Justice has ordered the city to distribute free bottled water in the worst hit neighborhoods.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Is "Notorious Charlatan" an Insult?

Donald Trump is a proven liar. But Hillary Clinton is a flawed candidate as well. With eight weeks to go until Americans go to the polls, the prospect of a notorious charlatan moving into the White House is looking more realistic than ever. Der Spiegel vomits on America.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Wishing Happy New Year and A Good Catch

Present effect of the future cause

In 1988 Aharonov et al. published their theory of weak values. This work was motivated by Aharonov's long time quest to experimentally verify his theory that apparently random events in quantum mechanics are caused by events in the future (two-state vector formalism). Verifying a present effect of a future cause requires a measurement, which would ordinarily destroy coherence and ruin the experiment. He and his colleagues claim that they were able to use weak measurements and verify the present effect of the future cause.

It makes the mind boggle. I met Yakir Aharonov and he is a regular Jew. 

There are no random events. There are no random numbers. Statistics is a gross approximation קירוב because we don't know how to calculate the cause-effect. 

Divide by Zero on the Friden STW10 Mechanical Calculator

I was fascinated by mechanical calculators and even tried to build one. For us who went to school in the time when calculations were done with pencil and a rubber eraser on paper, these machines were miraculous. I could calculate square roots "by heart" but for others I carried logarithm tables in my bag. I haven't seen one of those books for a long time. They had no text, only columns of numbers.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

You don't need to read this

Introduction: The more I read about the Flint Lead Water Case, the more paradoxical it appears. ( I am writing down my reflections for myself, not for you. Just now my situation is that I am stressed because I promised a wastewater solution for a Tel Aviv business, and I have not even started looking at it. I write this because I don't want to think about it.)  In the Washington hearings (all published), all the people on the top of the pyramid testified. They appear, to me, honest and knowledgeable. Good people. What seems to me most mysterious is why none from the City of Flint administration was invited to testify and there why there was not even the remotest suggestion that they too had something to do with some residents of their city drinking tainted water.

In Israel, in these clusterfucks, the process ends by condemning the shin-gimel ("shomer ha-gader" - the guard at the entrance, the person at the lowest ladder of the hierarchy. He is duly condemned to jail but the sentence is never executed. In America, the people at field level that took the operational decisions and executed the mechanics of water supply are not even mentioned. As if everybody knew the unutterable fact that they are imbecile minors expected to be ignorant, corrupt and incompetent, legally not responsible for their actions.

WASHINGTON - The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee held a hearing Wednesday on the Flint drinking water situation and the EPA's administration of the Safe Drinking Water Act in Flint.

State and federal environmental official were questioned at length about their agencies' response efforts.

State officials "relied on technical compliance (with the law) instead of assuring safe drinking water," said Keith Creagh, director of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.
He called that a mistake. But state officials are not the only ones who made mistakes in Flint, Creagh said. All levels of government deserve blame in the Flint crisis, he said.

Joel Beauvais, head of the EPA's water office, faced some of the toughest questioning from members of Congress.

"A large public water system switching from purchasing treated water to using an untreated water source is highly unusual," said Beauvais. "Under federal regulations, the city (of Flint) was required to obtain prior approval of the switch from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ). 

MDEQ advised the city of Flint that corrosion control treatment was not necessary.

Failure to implement such treatment resulted in leaching of lead into the city's drinking water."

Beauvais said the EPA urged the MDEQ address the lack of corrosion control. 

"But (the EPA) encountered resistance," he said.

Conclusion: This three years of following the Flint Water Crisis provided me with a deep picture of how American government works. It is admirable. Americans are in general a well-meaning people. But the race issue is torturing decent Americans, paralyzing them. Race is poisoning all levels of American public life, distorting it, turning it into a charade. Moreover, I think the American race complex is infecting us in Israel, and West European nations too. I have no solutions nor suggestions. 

Two thoughtful comments that help to understand the Flint Water Paradox:

 Ian F. Shield10:14 PM
Nobody focuses on the Flint municipal authorities (i.e., the local black Democratic political machine), who were directly responsible, because nobody - either the Democrats or the Republicans - gets any political benefit out of attacking the local hacks, who are not going anywhere. The Democrats benefit from attacking the state government (which had oversight authority and was Republican controlled at the relevant time, if I'm not mistaken) and the Republicans defend themselves by attacking the federal EPA, part of the Obama administration.

None of this is really about water system management. The Democrats are exploiting an opportunity to paint Republicans as callous, heartless racists (for the benefit of the intended audience of nonideological suburban white women and young people) and the Republicans are defending themselves by pointing to the Obama administration's shared culpability. The real fault, of course, lies with the incompetent local authorities, whom both the state and federal authorities failed to save from themselves.

Anonymous6:34 AM
In America, blacks are implicitly not considered (by leftists) to"have "agency" . They are not responsible for their actions - they can only be the passive victims of others, especially whites.


Monday, September 19, 2016

Permitting a Poultry Farm

The "grandmothers farm" (חוות סבתאות) in Raanana (on the background of the industrial park visible from Route 4). The farm exists fifty years and no one knew about it. The location is priceless. A neighbor exchanged his farm for 35 apartments in the new Green Neighborhood (worth 28 million US$). Why my  Nagypapa did not settle (illegally, that's more fun) in British Mandatory Palestine? Why others went to breed chickens in New Jersey? Zionism pays.

What was the crime of the Flint Water criminals?

Gradually, the media is lowering itself to examine what the Flint Water Criminals are accused of. The New York Times explains what we are talking about. Left we have a lead sampling data sheet. It appears that the State EPA was sampling faucets in homes, that is, not the water supplied by the City of Flint Water Plant, which was perfectly drinkable and had no lead at all.
This exceptionally intense sampling was trying to identify the homes where the water, because of ancient plumbing, was contaminated.

The form above shows results of nine homes in Flint. The EPA's red-line for lead concentration is 15 PPB (parts per billion) and of nine homes sampled in this street, none had any lead problems.

Yet a crime was committed ad the NYT shows it the highlighted column of "Service Lines" which were tagged "L", meaning that the connection between the home and the public pipe was made of lead. According to the attorneys, the connecting pipes are NOT made of lead, so the "L" not only is not true but was purposefully falsified to show a distorted picture of Flint. The detectives assume that the hidden purpose is to suggest that not all homes with lead connecting pipes were drinking poisoned water, and in general, to suggest that the proportion of leaden connected houses drinking poisoned water was lower than in reality. Of course, misfilling one form would have no statistical impact at all. To significantly distort the statistics, tens of thousand forms needed to be equally mis-filled. Were they? Who could think out such a complicated method to distort statistically the causal link between lead pipes and leaden water in Flint?

Let's examine the possible motive for hiding that some homes with non-lead service connections actually had perfectly good drinking water.

I can think of none.

Why would a lowly State EPA clerk filling forms in Lansing intentionally mis-fill the information about the type of service connection?

Was she following orders?

Then, how was it discovered that the home plumbing - five feet under the street - was not actually made of lead?  Possibly the EPA has a register of all Flint homes and comparing the register with the above sheet the detective "detected" the crime. Since all the data is in the computer memory, any lack of consistency must have been automatically noticed by the computer program and the form-filler alerted.  Why was not corrected immediately? Was the marking "L" in some boxes intentional or just a clerical error of a deadly tired and bored,  distracted employee? Or just indifference to irrelevant details, because the whole sheet in question refers to houses that have no lead contamination, that is, the form is inconsequential and one of the billion forms stored in EPA memory banks and never retrieved. 

Please note that the criminal, accused of intentionally dismissing the severity of the lead poisoning issue, did not do the obvious thing which is to write a lower figure in the lead content box. He/she did not touch that key number. She/he changed a trivial box indicating that the service line was made of lead or another material. Crazy.

As the trial advances, I hope to have more primary material like the above, so I can understand the nature and the fine details of the nine EPA staffers' racially-motivated crimes against the unsuspecting African people of Flint.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Adventures with FACIT

I loved the noise of the FACIT mechanical calculators. They came without cover and the moving metal parts were all visible. Fascinating.  I went to the shops and asked to see its operation, and then designed the basic module of adding to nine and at the tenth to jump to the next decimal tier. I cut out with my mother's scissors the parts from tin cans, and built the scaffolding or framework from wire.  I made a drawing of a central drum for multiplication and division, but I left it at the theoretical model. Cutting thick tin cans with sewing scissors at age 12 is no big fun.   The noises on the my old radio caught my attention and connected its external antenna to an aluminium washing basin. I hoped it would works as radio antenna, identifying the source in the sky of radio interference by re-directing the basin. The basin gave me electrical shocks, so I moved to shooting pigeons with my air gun from the house's water tank.  My Mother was panicked that I would fall off and an angry man looked for me in all the neighborhood (he didn't know which was my house, and I didn't realize that the pigeons in the sky had an owner).